8-week Mentorship Program

Baby, you're a firework

Now more than ever, girls are experiencing challenges in their emotional, physical, and mental health. Between the isolation of a pandemic to learning to live in a world turned upside down, the need for mentorship and community is more important than ever. Our 8 week Sparklers Mentorship program combines mindset coaching, support for emotional and mental health, and an outlet for physical activity. Our goal is to help each girl find her inner sparkle – the Joy of being herself – and sparkle together as a community of girls who support girls. 


Each week in our mentorship time together, we will speak to each one of these pillars. Activities will be based on each pillar to help participants build a kit of tools to help them navigate tween and teen life. Self defence and combat training will be a part of each week’s class.

Each week participants will be sent home with challenges. When returning to their next class, we will celebrate the wins and achievements in the challenges they were assigned. 

Creativity & Happiness

- Confidence Inspired Art activities
- Partnering with other leaders in the community that can show case ways to be creative
- Vision based thinking, dream making
- Time management and Organization with school and life. Having Space for joy.

Health & Wellness

- Healthy Eating and the importance of fuel for a growing body
- Healthy eating for mental health
- Positive attitude about food setting girls up for a positive relationship with food and their body.
- Discussions and activities teaching physical activity that is fun!


-Teaching girls to be inclusive and community leaders, rather than “clique” and “making others feel isolated”
- Tasks designed to build confidence Team work activities that help boost confidence
-Support and encouragement in the face of growth

Self-Defence & Combat

- Self Defence training in online and physical safety
- Learning basic combat

Growth Mindset, ​Goal Setting & Achievement

- Earning levels of belts for the end of the 8 weeks as well as additional levels for volunteering, school success, personal wins.
- Learning to break boards, earn levels in martial arts - Graduating into Leadership positions.

About Us
Theresa Stanley

Program Founder | 6th Degree Black Belt

Mrs. Stanley founded the Girls on Fire programs in 2018 as part of her personal mission to positively impact the self esteem of 10,000 girls. With martial arts training of 20 years and expertise in leadership, she will inspire young girls with her abilities in combat and in community building.

Michelle Kardolus

Nutritionist & Personal Trainer | Certified Mindset Coach | 2nd Degree Black Belt

Mrs. Kardolus is a survivor and a light to everyone she meets. As a young girl, she experienced trauma and abuse. She spent many years learning to heal and now made it her passion to help others find their own worth. As a certified mindset coach, she will help our girls build little practices to increase their confidence and mindset around their body image, health and nutrition.

Winter 2024

​For girls ages 8-13


January 21-March 10th


Sundays 1:00pm


Strathcona County Hall - The same building as the Library!
CH-Meeting Room L3 401 Festival Lane Sherwood Park, AB T8A 5P7

Program Fees:

First time Sparkler:
$200.00 Girls On Fire Training Uniform & Program Journal

Second time Sparkler
$200 New Program Journal, Boxing Gloves

Third Time & Beyond Sparkler ​$150.00 - New Program Journal